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SAP Business One® becomes a deal closer for Rank1

IT experts Rank1 worked with V-Chain to implement SAP Business One, to take their business to the next level. Customers now view Rank1 as partners, not just suppliers, thanks to their seamless IT support.


Before: Challenges and Opportunities 

  • Rank1 started to sell software and hardware, but lacked the resources to manage and organize sales.
  • All data was inputted manually, which was very time-consuming.
  • The team at Rank1 needed software that would transfer all PO data and sale quotations to their mother company, so invoices could be created seamlessly.


Why SAP Business One and V-Chain

  • Rank1’s mother company (Gumption) was already using SAP Business One successfully.
  • SAP Business One could provide Rank1 with endless possibilities across a variety of easy to-use modules.
  • The V-Chain team offered invaluable and highly professional technical support.


After: Value-Driven Results

  • SAP Business One has centralized all of Rank1’s data, thereby organizing the entire selling process from quotes to sales.
  • Fewer mistakes are made due to data automation.
  • More deals are closed as the team at Rank1 can now provide a more capable end to end service.
  • Administrative work is achieved in half the time and easily shared with Rank1’s mother company.

0 to 40 employees

in 7 years thanks to V-Chain and SAP Business One